Can 17 year olds stay at hostels?

In most countries, the minimum booking age is 18. In other countries, and in parts of some (like the US), the minimum booking age is 21. Some hostels allow solo guests as young as 16 years old.

What is the age limit for hostels?

Generally speaking, most hostels will welcome guests of all ages and those over the age of 18 years old are free to book accommodation and stay as a solo traveller in a dorm or private room.

Can you stay at a hostel if your under 18?

Unaccompanied minors are generally not accepted in youth hostels. Nevertheless, some establishments may allow unaccompanied minors between the ages of 16 and 18 to stay alone in their Youth Hostel provided they have a parental permission along with a copy of the legal guardian's valid ID or passport.

What are the rules in a youth hostel?

Responsibilities of guests staying in the Hostel

Guests who arrive or leave at late hours are obliged to keep quiet. Persons who stay at the hostel must make their beds before 10pm to allow those in charge to check whether they all have bed linen or sleeping bags. Staying overnight without bed linen is not allowed.

Where can under 18s stay?

Hotels and hostels are unlikely to take unsupervised U18s, and safety is paramount when it comes to booking the right accommodation. Homestay is an often over-looked accommodation option that is very well suited to under 18s. Homestay is accommodation with a “host family”.

How Is It To Travel Alone & Stay In Hostels? (Solo Travel) - You should be age 20+ & BE MATURE

Do hostels check ID?

Do hostels check ID? Make sure you have a driving license or some form of ID with you, as some hostels will ask for this to hold as a deposit during your stay.

Can couples sleep together in hostels?

Can couples sleep together in hostels? The answer is yes! Many hostels offer private rooms with double beds or twin beds that can be pushed together to create a double bed. Couples can enjoy a private space while still being able to take advantage of the social atmosphere of a hostel.

Can you stay in a hostel as a family?

Yes, families can stay in hostels, but not in every hostel. Plenty of hostels today have private family rooms, often with their own private bathrooms that are perfect for families of 3, 4, and more. Smaller dorm rooms can also be booked out for a family in some instances.

What age should you stop staying in hostels?

Though the average age for guests in hostels is 18-34, it's not uncommon for travellers of all ages to stay in hostels. Some hostels may mention that guests staying there are usually under the age of 30, but very few impose an upper age limit.

Can you live permanently in a hostel?

They're meant to be for short-term stays and if you're using it as a full-time place to live, you may be politely asked to leave.

What are the rules of living in a hostel?

Hostel Life: 10 Rules To Follow For Your Next Stay
  • Introduce Yourself. ...
  • Be Kind. ...
  • Be Respectful. ...
  • Pack Silently, Or Pack The Night Before. ...
  • Stealing Is Bad. ...
  • Love Anywhere You Want! ...
  • Don't Hit The Lights If Everyone's Sleeping. ...
  • Don't Unpack Your Life's Belongings On The Floor.

Do orgys happen in hostels?

It happens, more so in party and more sociable hostels and less so in quiet or homey ones but it does happen.

Do hostels separate by gender?

It varies, and most have a mix of single sex and mixed dorms. For YHA, if you want to stay with your partner/family/kids in the same room, you'll have to get private rooms (usually 2-4 beds) because the dorms are all single sex.

Are hostel rooms mixed gender?

Most hostels do their best to make the ratio of men to women in mixed rooms equal – yet this understandably depends on who is staying on any given night.

Do hostels have places to lock your stuff?

Hostels come in different shapes and sizes. Some have dorms with lockers large enough to fit your entire suitcase. For example, when I stayed in a dorm at the Selina hostel in Lisbon, Portugal, I had access to three lockers: one under my bed, one above my bed and a small personal one.

Do hostels have cameras?

Hostels are actually really safe. They're staffed all day and night, most have security cameras, and there are lockers to put all your belongings in when you're sleeping or out exploring.

How old do you have to be to check into a youth hostel?

It is always good to check beforehand by viewing the relevant hostel page. You must be 16 or over to stay in YHA accommodation without an adult. If you are under 16, you can stay with YHA as long as you are travelling with someone aged 18 years or older.

Do people hook up in hostels?

Stay safe. Many hook-ups that happen in hostels are spur-of-the-moment, passionate encounters between people that may not know each other very well. While that's all well and good, in fact that's part of the fun of it all, it is still important to practice safe sex.

Are hostels safe as a girl?

Hostels are often shared accommodations, which means that women may be sharing a room with strangers or sleeping in a mixed-gender dorm. This can make some women feel vulnerable and unsafe, but with proper precautions and awareness, women can have a safe and enjoyable experience staying in hostels.

Are mixed dorms safe for girls?

Mixed dorms are ok if you're with other girls. But if no other girls, consider this. You should be safe in any decent hostel, but you never know when backpackers are going to acting drunk and stupid at 3am. Hostel is a great idea to meet people, but look for some with female only rooms.

Why do hostels have curfews?

Curfew. A lot of hostels impose a curfew for safety and to make sure travelers aren't interrupting others' sleep by coming and going at all hours. If you're planning to stay out late and want access to your room at any time of the night, a hostel probably isn't for you.

Are showers private in hostels?

Most hostels have a communal bathroom with private shower stalls. So while they're technically “communal”, you'll still have a sense of privacy. It's worth investing in a nice toiletry bag, since communal showers mean you'll be toting your toiletries back and forth from your room.

What are hostel mates called?

[ hos-tl-er ] show ipa. noun. a person who operates a hostel. a person who stays at a hostel or goes hosteling.

What is not allowed in hostels?

Smoking, Alcohol & Narcotic consumption is strictly prohibited in and around the Hostel premises. Strict action will be taken against offenders. Strict adherence to the prescribed dress code is required. Decency in dressing & demeanor is a must.

What not to do in hostels?

10 Extra Hostel Etiquette Tips!
  1. Don't bring open food into your dorm room.
  2. Don't sleep naked in the dorm (underwear at minimum).
  3. If you snore loudly, book a private room for the sake of others.
  4. Only use the bed that's assigned to you.
  5. Take your phone call outside the room if another guest is asleep.