Can I access American Admirals Club with Priority Pass?

Sign up for our daily newsletter. Unlike Priority Pass Select airport lounge membership offered by many credit cards, getting into Admirals Club lounges isn't as easy. You'll generally need to pay for access unless you are flying in a premium cabin on a qualifying flight.

Does Priority Pass get you into Admirals Club?

Does Priority Pass work for Admirals Club? Sadly, no. Admirals Club is reserved for select American Airlines elites, qualifying Oneworld elites, qualifying military personnel, holders of the Citi®/AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®, and a few other groups. Priority Pass isn't included.

Does Priority Pass get me into American Airlines lounge?

While having a Priority Pass card might not get you into these lounges, there are several other ways to gain entry. A day pass might make sense for a one-off use, but otherwise, you'd be better off getting the Citi AA Executive card than paying for a membership.

How to get free access to Admirals Club?

Fly on a first class or business class ticket. You can access Admirals Club lounges if you fly first or business class on certain international, transcontinental and domestic routes. Those flying on American Airlines and on Oneworld partner airlines are eligible.

What cards get you access to Admirals Club?

Admirals Club® members

This includes annual and lifetime members, Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite Mastercard® primary cardmembers, ConciergeKey® members and AirPass℠ members with Admirals Club® privileges.

How to Use PRIORITY PASS (Beginner’s Guide)

Does Amex get you into American Airlines Admirals Club?

You can also get free or discounted Admirals Club access with a number of American Express cards that offer airline fee credits. If American Airlines is selected as your preferred airline, then the purchase of an Admirals Club membership or day pass will qualify for the credit.

Does my Amex Platinum get me into the Admirals Club?

All that's required to get access to these lounges, also known as the “Global Lounge Collection,” is: Your American Express Platinum card. A government-issued ID. A boarding pass showing a confirmed reservation for same-day travel.

How do I become part of the Admirals Club?

You must have an AAdvantage® account to get an Admirals Club® membership.
  1. Join the AAdvantage® program.
  2. Buy an annual membership.
  3. Learn more.
  4. Log in to your account.
  5. Buy a One-Day Pass as a guest.

Are drinks unlimited in Admirals Club?

Yes, select food and beverage items are complimentary at the Admirals Club. There are also additional items available for a charge.

What is the difference between Admirals Club and Flagship lounge?

While Admirals Clubs offer plenty of great facilities to make flying more relaxing and refreshing, Flagship Lounges are also a great way to experience flying. Flagship Lounges offer many of the benefits of Admiral Clubs plus a few extras, including: Premium wine. Specialty cocktails.

Is lounge access free with Priority Pass?

As a Platinum Cardholder, you are entitled to a complimentary membership in Priority Pass. This allows you to wait for your flight in a relaxed atmosphere in one of the more than 1,200 Priority Pass lounges around the world. You also can have a guest join you free of charge.

Is Priority Pass better than lounge Club?

If you're travelling frequently and/or for business, the Standard Plus and Prestige options in particular will give you the peace of mind you're after when on the move. However, a Lounge Pass is by far the better option for those special one-off occasions, when you won't want to be splashing out on a big annual fee.

Do you need Priority Pass card for lounge access?

To enter a Priority Pass lounge, you'll need to show your membership card (or digital card) and your boarding pass. The lounges offer a multitude of benefits, such as: Free Wi-Fi. Complimentary food.

Does first class ticket get you into Admirals Club American Airlines?

If you're flying in first or business class on select international, transcontinental or other domestic flights marketed and operated by American, its Oneworld airline partners or marketed by JetBlue and operated by American, you'll get complimentary Admirals Club access.

Which is better Admirals Club or centurion?

If you're basing your decision on amenities primarily, the Centurion Network is usually better. However, Admirals Lounges tend to be less crowded and are less likely to have a waitlist.

Is Centurion lounge better than Priority Pass?

Although the network includes Centurion Lounges, International American Express Lounges, Delta Sky Club and Priority Pass Select lounges (enrollment required), you'll find Centurion Lounges are the swankiest.

What alcohol is free at the Admirals Club?

Are there complimentary alcoholic drinks at the Admirals Clubs at LAX? Yes, all three locations offer a full-service bar with a variety of complimentary alcoholic drinks, including house beer and wine, local craft beer, sparkling wine, spirits, and cocktails.

Are mimosas complimentary in Admirals Club?

Expanded drink menus

Sip on sparkling wine, local craft beer and spirits. You can also enjoy more complimentary cocktails like mimosas, unique Bloody Marys and signature cocktails inspired by each location.

Are mimosas complimentary at Admirals Club?

But suppose you have time to raise a glass. In that case, Admirals Clubs will serve an improved selection of complimentary alcoholic beverages, including sparking wine, craft beers, spirits including scotch and tequila, and cocktails such as mimosas, Bloody Marys, and local favorites.

Can you nap in an airport lounge?

You can stay overnight and sleep at 24-hour airport lounges, as long as they don't have any rules on how long you stay. Many airport lounges close at night or limit access to just a few hours before your flight.

Does premium economy get lounge access American Airlines?

Premium economy tickets with American Airlines do not come with lounge access, unfortunately. If you want to enjoy this gateside hospitality, you'll need membership in the airline's lounge club or a program like Priority Pass, or a credit card that gets you lounge access.

Who can use the Flagship Lounge?

Customers who may access a Flagship® Lounge include customers traveling in a First or Business class cabin on qualifying international or transcontinental flights or other qualifying domestic flights marketed and operated by American, a oneworld® airline, or marketed by JetBlue and operated by American*, AAdvantage ...

Which Amex card gets you into lounges?

Both The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express include access to AmEx Centurion Lounges as well as the vast AmEx Global Lounge Collection.

What lounges can Amex Platinum get me into?

What lounges can I access with the Amex Platinum Card?
  • American Express Centurion lounges.
  • Delta Sky Club lounges.
  • Priority Pass Select lounges.
  • Escape Lounges — The Centurion Studio Partner.
  • Airspace lounges.
  • Plaza Premium lounges.
  • Lufthansa lounges.
  • Other Global Lounge Collection partner lounges.

Can I bring in a guest with a one day Admirals Club pass?

- A total of two guests/family members may accompany the "primary visitor" by paying an additional $25 for each person (children under 18 years of age admitted for free, if accompanied by an adult). - Day pass can be purchased online for any date up to one year in advance.