Can you check in separately on the same booking Delta?

If you are all travelling on the same reservation number, then you must check-in at the same time; otherwise the missing people are at risk of being classified as "no-show" which may have financial penalties depending on the type of ticket.

Why won t Delta let me check-in online?

Here are some reasons why you may not be able to check in online: You can only be checked in for one trip at a time. If you are flying Delta more than once within a 24 hour period, you will be able to check in once your previous trip is complete.

How does check-in with Delta work?

You may check in to your flight up to 24 hours before departure, using the convenient Delta Airlines online check in tool. 2. Fly Delta App for mobile. Download it to your smartphone, where you can check in up to 24 hours before your flight, get your boarding passes and pay for baggage.

Why can't I check-in online?

Unfortunately, online check-in isn't always an option and you may be denied the chance to do so if: You've been (randomly) selected for secondary screening. You requested special assistance for a child traveling alone or a wheelchair. You are traveling as a large group (many people under the same booking reservation)

Does Delta allow check-in?

Up to 24 hours before departure, you can check in online. Select “Check In” in the page header or go to My Trips. If you aren't logged in, enter your confirmation number, SkyMiles number or credit card number to access your itinerary. You can print your boarding pass or get an eBoarding Pass on your mobile device.

How to check-in on Delta Airlines?

What happens if you don't check in on Delta?

If you do not check in for a Delta flight, your reservation will be cancelled and you will not be able to board the flight. This means that you will lose the value of your ticket, and may have to purchase a new ticket at a higher price if you still wish to travel.

Do I need to check in for Delta international flight?

When you're traveling outside of the United States, we suggest arriving at least 3 hours prior to your departure. You must be checked in at least 1 hour before your scheduled departure. Additionally, we recommend being at the gate and ready to board 45 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

Why will my flight not let me check-in?

This could either be due to: Technical reasons, such as the name on your ticket doesn't match the name on your I.D, they need to move your seat, or any other mismatching issues. Security reasons, such as extra screening. This will normally be highlighted on your boarding pass with an SSSS code.

Is it OK not to check-in online for a flight?

For a short-haul flight where you are only taking hand luggage, checking in online saves a lot of time and is therefore much better than checking in at the airport. If, on the other hand, you have to check in bulky luggage, it is better to use the classic check-in at the airport for security reasons.

Why does Delta say I have to check-in with an agent?

You need to show additional documents

Another reason that your boarding pass may say “see agent” is that certain travel documents need to be verified. If you had not previously selected a seat, some airlines cannot automatically issue a boarding pass with a seat assignment until the documents are checked.

Does Delta allow online check-in for international flights?

Online. Go to and click on "Itineraries and Check-In" to find the online check-in link. Enter your confirmation number, SkyMiles number, credit card number or eTicket number to access the check-in page. Enter your passport number and its expiration date to continue the international check-in process.

Why does my Delta boarding pass not have a gate?

Why does my Delta boarding pass not have a gate number? If one checks in online, it is usually too early for the airport to know which gate the flight will be at during check in, so a boarding pass printed then will not show the gate.

What does it mean when you can't check in?

Examples are (a) you need to show that you have entry clearance (visa and/or onward/return tickets), (b) you're traveling on a multi-carrier itinerary and the two systems don't talk to each other for OLCI, (c) some airlines don't allow OLCI unless they're book directly with them, and (d) a random security check ...

Why am I being asked to check in at the airport?

By asking customers to check-in e.g. latest 45 min or 1 h before departure, airline knows how many people are actually going to fly, how much fuel is needed, whether all the baggage has been loaded, how much food and drinks to load, etc. When all the preparations are done in advance, flights can depart on time.

Why can I only check in at airport?

Some airlines, however, would still require passengers to proceed to a check-in counter at the airport, regardless of preferred check-in method, for document verification (e.g., to travel to countries where a visa is required, or to ensure the credit card used to purchase is genuine and/or matches the identity of the ...

What happens if you don t check-in 24 hours before your flight?

If you don't check in, you won't receive a boarding pass that allows you to board the plane, and your seat might be given up to a standby passenger. The check-in process also confirms your traveler details like your passport information and frequent flyer number.

How do I skip an airport check in?

9 ways to avoid airport lines
  1. Check in online. ...
  2. Ditch checked baggage for a carry-on. ...
  3. Skip the longer lines with TSA PreCheck® or Global Entry. ...
  4. Avoid peak travel days. ...
  5. Consider alternate airports. ...
  6. Get elite status for airlines. ...
  7. Understand TSA rules. ...
  8. Be prepared for COVID-19 requirements.

Why can I check-in but not get boarding pass?

However, some airlines may require you to present your passport or ID at the airport in order to receive your boarding pass. If you are unsure whether or not your airline requires this, you can check their website or contact customer service for more information.

Will Delta wait for connecting passengers?

Does Delta wait for passengers? They will often wait a little while, especially if it's the last flight of the day and even moreso if there are multiple passengers making the same connection.

Do you need to check-in at the airport if you have already checked in online?

In most cases, you will only need to go to check-in when you have checked-in online if you need to drop off an item of hold baggage. Please ensure that you are aware of the hand baggage requirements for your specific airline before you travel.

Can you check-in online before an international flight?

Online Check-in for International Flights. Online check-in allows those who have reserved seats and completed the required information to check into their flight from 24 hours prior to departure.

Why do I have to check in at the airport and not online?

Usually, you must check in at the airport for international flights because the airline needs to check your passport, visas (if needed), and other documents to board the plane. Some airlines now do this online, by asking you to upload proper documentation, but most still require checking-in at the airport.

Do I have to print my boarding pass?

Depending on the requirements of airport authorities, you will need to present a mobile boarding pass, a paper boarding pass printed out by you or a paper boarding pass picked up from the check-in desk.