Does booking com charge you twice?

If you are charged twice for the same reservation, call the hotel direct. does not charge the accommodation. The hotel does the charging of your card. If you can check the nature of the charges on your card statement, it will state the property and not .

Why did I get charged twice for my hotel?

Common causes of double billing

Technical glitches in the hotel's payment processing system or errors in entering credit card information can result in duplicate charges. In other cases, miscommunication between hotel staff members or failure to properly reconcile transactions can lead to double billing.

Do you have to pay all at once with booking com?

Don't pay in advance or avoid altogether. don't take payments. They pass your card details to the accommodation and the accommodation charges your card.

How much does booking .com charge? charges 15% commission per reservation. It has no daily cost, meaning that if one day you receive no reservation, will not charge you anything.

How do I get my money back from booking com?

If you need to cancel your booking, contact customer service immediately so they can process the refund as soon as possible. Your refund will be processed within the next 5 business days after we receive the cancellation notice from

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Does booking com charge your card right away? will charge your card for the total price of the booking when you book. If you're looking for more info about your payment, check your confirmation email.

How long does booking com take to refund money?

“The processing time may take 7 to 10 days and depends on your bank,” the company says. “If you have questions, contact your bank directly.” Translation: initiates the refund as soon as the booking gets canceled. But it may take some time to go through your bank.

How does booking com payments work?

How does Online Payments work? can facilitate guest payments on behalf of properties. We do this by offering a wide variety of alternative payment methods that guests can choose from. Partners are then paid by virtual credit card, according to their booking policies.

What is the total cost to cancel on booking com?

The guest can cancel free of charge until 30 days before arrival. The guest will be charged 50% of the total price if they cancel in the 30 days before arrival.

How does pay later work on booking com?

How does the Pay Later option on work? With the Pay Later option, you can book a trip and delay the payment by a week prior to your arrival date so you have time to save up funds or clear your credit card.

Do you have to pay to reserve a room on booking com?

The prices displayed are the prices you pay. doesn't add any reservation or admin fees. In fact, rarely charges you anything. In most cases, all charges are payable directly to the hotel when you arrive.

Do you pay through booking com or at the hotel?

The customer makes payment directly to hotel (either pay at hotel, or card is charged before arrival, as per payment policy). Booking only transfers the cc details directly to the hotels & does not store them ( I think so). They receive their part of commissions once the guest has stayed.

Is it safe to pay for hotel with a booking com?

When guests choose to book and pay online, you don't have to worry about anything. With our secure and seamless payment technology, there's no chasing payments. We'll take care of everything, including invalid credit cards, chargebacks, and fraudulent bookings.

What do I do if I got charged twice?

If you want to dispute the second transaction you will usually need evidence that you've contacted the merchant and tried to resolve the issue before your banking provider will get involved. However, once you've done this your banking provider should then launch an investigation and be able to refund you the money.

Why do I get charged twice?

In most cases, if you see a double charge on your account, you didn't actually get charged twice. What you're likely seeing is called an authorization hold, or pre-authorization charge. When you make a purchase using a debit or credit card, the payment system will automatically run a pre-authorization check.

What to do if you get double booked at a hotel?

If your room has been double booked you should give the hotel, the tour operator or the travel agent the chance to offer you alternative accommodation. If no alternative is offered and you have to pay for somewhere yourself you should try to reclaim the cost when you return home.

What happens when you cancel a booking on booking com?

If you cancel a Booking or don't show up, any cancellation/no-show fee and any refund will depend on the Service Provider's cancellation/no-show policy. 3. Some Bookings can't be cancelled for free, while others can only be cancelled for free before a deadline.

How easy is it to cancel on booking?

Step 1: Look for the confirmation email you received after booking. In this email, you will find a “Cancel Booking” button. Step 2: Click the “Cancel Booking” button. Step 3: You will be redirected to a page with the details of your booking.

Does booking com charge transaction fees?

At, we believe transparent pricing leads to a better experience for guests and a more seamless check-out experience for everyone. That's why we assure bookers they won't be charged any payment or credit card fees for reservations made through our website and app.

Is booking com safe and reliable?

In short: yes! You may be hearing about just now but they've been around for over 20 years and are just as reliable as Expedia, VRBO and other, more famous travel brands. With travel booking, there is always the possibility of a mix-up or unpredictable variable throwing a wrench into your plans.

Can you cancel a booking com reservation?

When you use the “Request to cancel a reservation” feature, the reservation will be canceled free of charge. In case cancellation fee applies, guests have to contact the customer service or manage their reservation directly via the booking confirmation of their account.

When reserving a hotel room when do you pay?

If you're booking it through the hotel's website, they'll typically take your credit card info at check in and charge it after you check out. If you decide to pay in cash instead, then you'll give cash at check in, and you'll be paying then.

Does booking com hold a deposit?

You can ask for a deposit but does not do this for you, you have to go to the guest yourself.

Can I get a full refund within 24 hours of booking?

Most airlines opt for the 24-hour cancellation policy. After purchasing a flight, travelers have up to 24 hours to cancel the flight for any reason and get a full refund to their original form of payment without paying any additional fees.

Does free cancellation mean full refund?

If a reservation is non-refundable, it means you pay for it when you book and you don't get any money back if you cancel the reservation. Free cancellation means that you are not charged anything if you cancel.