How do people on Pitcairn make money?

The fertile soil of the valleys produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including citrus, sugarcane, watermelons, bananas, yams, and beans. Bartering is an important part of the economy. The major sources of revenue are the sale of postage stamps to collectors and the sale of handicrafts to passing ships.

What do people do for work on Pitcairn Island?

How do people make a living on Pitcairn Islands? There are 50 people living on Pitcairn and around 30 are of working age. They grow crops and export some food. Tourism, in the form of home stays, is an important source of revenue and so is the sale of souvenirs, postage stamps and coins.

Can you live on Pitcairn Island for free?

Only Pitcairn Islanders and those approved for settlement and permanent resident status, their children or grandchildren, over the age of 18, having chosen to settle permanently on Pitcairn, are eligible to apply for land. There are no currently no charges for land for Settlement on Pitcairn Island.

How much does it cost to build a house on Pitcairn Island?

There are caveats however, immigrants to Pitcairn are required to have at least US$22,000 savings and build their own house at an average cost of US$100,000. Wages are low, with a current per capita income of about US$2,667.

How does Pitcairn Island get electricity?

Through recent years the Pitcairners have relied on a diesel generator which provided electrical power to island homes for only a portion of the 24-hour cycle.

Life on Pitcairn Island - home of the descendants of the mutineers from HMS Bounty

Do they use money on Pitcairn Island?

Currency & Cash

Pitcairn's Official Currency is the New Zealand Dollar. However, all Pitcairn Island Accommodation costs and local souvenirs are priced in US Dollars. You can access cash on Credit Cards and have money exchanged at the Government Treasury Office, located in the town square.

Does Pitcairn have Internet?

Internet facilities are available although speeds and capacity may be limited. Homestay guests will normally have access to local wifi facilities (possibly at additional cost).

Can Americans move to Pitcairn Island?

Yes, if you have not been granted a settlement visa and are not a permanent resident of Pitcairn you need to obtain written permission from the Island Council before taking up paid employment or entering business on Pitcairn.

Can anyone move to Pitcairn Island?

Yes you can. We encourage families with children to apply and there are no restrictions on families with children coming to live on Pitcairn. If you wish to settle on Pitcairn with children under the age of 18 you should contact the Deputy Governor, who will provide further information.

How does Pitcairn Island get water?

Pitcairn Island has no permanent water source; however, the island has three seasonal semi-permanent springs. Pop. Includes reef flat and lagoon of the atolls.

Can you retire on Pitcairn Island?

As a resident of the island, you'll be required to give voluntary labor each year wherever Pitcairn needs it the most. It isn't going to be a tax haven to retire in. It's going to be a physically demanding challenge for people looking to live somewhere very different.

Can you own guns on Pitcairn Island?

If people don't hand in their guns, authorities will legislate to suspend all firearm licenses on the island and guns will be taken from residents, he said. Mr Forbes said the island's 47 permanent residents hold about 20 weapons.

What problems does Pitcairn have?

Then Pitcairn's secret was exposed: generations of rape and child molestation as a way of life. Delving into the South Pacific island's past, the authors chronicle its 10-year clash with the British legal system, which ripped apart a tiny society.

How does Pitcairn Island get food?

The diversity of fresh seafood awaits to be fished from small pools and rocky shores. Wild mountain goats roam the land, providing a different kind of meat to choose from. People also raise chickens for eggs in the morning. The diets are simple, eating what is produced on the island mostly.

Is there fresh water on Pitcairn Island?

Pitcairn itself has some permanent streams as well as a number of intermittent streams, but there do not appear to be any permanent freshwater ponds or marshy habitats. No fresh water is known to occur on the other three islands except for cave drips on Henderson and freshwater lenses on Oeno.

Is there a doctor on Pitcairn Island?

Pitcairn has a modern and well-equipped medical clinic and a resident doctor, but you should note that the nearest hospital facilities are in French Polynesia or New Zealand, at least 2 days' sail away. There are no airport facilities on Pitcairn, meaning that evacuation in a medical emergency is not always possible.

Are there mosquitoes on Pitcairn Island?

Bugs (like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas) can spread a number of diseases in the Pitcairn Islands.

How does Pitcairn Island get supplies?

A supply ship services the Island approximately once every three months from Tauranga in New Zealand. Because the island is only supplied four times a year even general purchases of consumable items can be for thousands of dollars.

How safe is Pitcairn Island?

Crime. Levels of crime against visitors are very low.

What kind of people live on Pitcairn Island?

Pitcairn Islanders, also referred to as Pitkerners and Pitcairnese, are the inhabitants of the Pitcairn Islands, a British Overseas Territory including people whose families were previously inhabitants and maintaining cultural connections. Most Pitcairn Islanders are descendants of the Bounty mutineers.

What is the most isolated island in the world Pitcairn?

With a population of no more than 50, Pitcairn Island is the most remote island in the world, located 3,240 miles (5,215 km) from the coast of New Zealand.

Are there cars on Pitcairn?

Pitcairn transportation is largely confined to all terrain vehicles, both three- and four-wheelers.

Who owns Pitcairn Island?

Pitcairn Island, isolated volcanic island in the south-central Pacific Ocean, 1,350 miles (2,170 km) southeast of Tahiti. It is the only inhabited island of the British overseas territory of Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno Islands, which is commonly referred to as the Pitcairn Islands or as Pitcairn.

What is the weather like in Pitcairn Island year round?

Summary: Pitcairn Islands lies in the Tropical rainforest climate zone (Köppen: Af). The mean average of annual temperatures range from a high of 23.17°C (73.71°F) to a low of 23.17°C (73.71°F).