Is 5 days on a cruise enough?

If you're bringing the whole family, a 5 or 7 day cruise might be the best way to make sure everyone has an awesome getaway. And for those lucky folks with even more time to spare, a cruise of 10 days or more will give you an incredible experience of all the best things a cruise has to offer.

How many days on a cruise is enough?

If you're looking for “vacation,” then it's obvious that a seven-day cruise (or longer) would be more ideal. With that many days, you can actually get into the rhythm of ship-life and leave the stresses of home behind.

How much money do you need for a 5 day cruise?

Many people suggest $100 per day, and this has generally worked well for me in my cruising experiences, but there are a lot of variables to consider.

How many days is an average cruise?

As mentioned, the average cruise length is about seven days, but there are also five and four day cruises. Some cruises may have a specific time length, but allow you to exit the cruise earlier from various ports of call to return home or enjoy the sights of a particular port.

Is 4 day cruise too short?

Short cruises are an affordable way to take a break from your daily routine, but they're not for everyone. Before you book a three- to five-night cruise, make sure the ship and onboard ambiance fit with your travel style. If not, consider saving up vacation time and money to take a longer cruise you will truly enjoy.


What is the most popular length for a cruise?

6- to 8-Night Cruises

This cruise length is one of the most popular for visiting some of the top destinations in the cruising world, such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Bermuda, and Europe.

How much money do you need on a 4 day cruise?

Most guests bring $50-$120 cash per day to spend during the cruise. You will have many opportunities to purchase duty free goods, take exciting shore excursions, buy local souvenirs, play your chance in the casino, or enjoy some pampering in the spa.

How long should my first cruise be?

What's the ideal cruise length for a first-timer? A week or so is the sweet spot for most first-time cruisers, which will offer three to six ports. Three-day sampler itineraries won't allow you to explore more than one or two destinations, and you can't decompress as thoroughly, either.

How many outfits a day for a cruise?

7-8 Daytime Outfits

On your 7 day cruise, you'll need a casual daytime outfit for each day, plus at least one backup outfit in case you get wet.

Are longer cruises better value?

Longer cruises, those 10+ nights, tend to have lower per-night pricing, but it's worth keeping in mind that you'll likely spend more money onboard for drink packages or specialty restaurants.

How many bags can you take on a 5 day cruise?

How much luggage can I bring? To help you plan, we suggest you limit your luggage to a maximum of one bag per person, if traveling on cruises of 3-5 days duration, and no more than two bags per person, for cruises of 6 days or longer.

Are cruises budget friendly?

Some cruise lines offer luxury, all-inclusive packages that can cost thousands of dollars per person, while others offer budget-friendly options that can be as low as a few hundred dollars per person. It's important to do your research and find a cruise that fits your budget.

Do I need a passport for a cruise?

Do I need a passport? We recommend that everyone taking a cruise from the United States have a passport book. Though some “closed-loop” cruises may not require a U.S. passport, we recommend bringing yours in case of an emergency, such as an unexpected medical air evacuation or the ship docking at an alternate port.

Do you walk a lot on a cruise ship?

Cruise ships are quite large and you often have to do a fair amount of walking to get to various dining rooms, shops and other gathering places.

Do cruises require a lot of walking?

Larger cruise ships, such as the Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas, which is currently the largest cruise ship in the world, can offer passengers the chance to walk up to five miles a day. The good news is that you don't have to walk much at all if you don't want to.

How long is the average cruise boarding time?

Cruise ships will usually begin boarding approximately four hours before the scheduled departure time, typically around 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. If you'd like to arrive at that time, go right ahead! You can hop onboard and grab some lunch or start your vacation right in a lounge chair by the pool, fruity drink and all.

Do they clean your room daily on a cruise?

Cruise Lines Still Offering Twice Daily Stateroom Cleaning

Other mainsteream lines like Holland America, MSC Cruises, Princess Cruises, and Virgin Voyages all continue to offer twice daily stateroom cleaning.

How strict are cruise dress code?

Men may wear slacks with collared dress shirts or sweaters, but jackets are optional. Women should choose dresses, pantsuits or skirts or slacks with nice tops. On formal nights, proper attire includes tuxedos, suits or slacks (jackets required) for men and evening gowns, cocktail dresses or dressy pantsuits for women.

What is a good amount to take on a cruise?

As a general rule, plan to have $50 to $100 each day in the local currency. Also, you may want to bring an extra $20 a day for tipping crew members. Make sure to include smaller bills for tips. Fifty to a hundred dollars a day should be enough to cover small purchases, tips and snacks at each port.

What time of year should you not take a cruise?

However, September and October are peak months for hurricanes. Even though ships try to steer clear of these storms, the weather still might be less than ideal. Pro tip: Before you book a cruise, try to pay down some of your debts so you don't end up deeper in the red.

Do you eat the first day on a cruise?

There will be lunch provided

There may even be a specialty restaurant or two open embarkation day that you could pay to eat at. To get an idea of which venues will be open for lunch, read a past Cruise Compass from the ship you are sailing on before you board.

What should you take for your first cruise?

5 Things to Pack for Your First Cruise
  • Extra Bags. A day pack, a bag for dirty laundry, a plastic bag for wet bathing suits, Zip-Loc bags for snacks ... you really can't have too many extra bags with you on a cruise. ...
  • First-Aid Kit. ...
  • Your Favorite (Nonalcoholic) Beverage. ...
  • Laundry Alternatives. ...
  • Power Strip.

Is it better to take cash or card on a cruise?

We recommend paying for on shore purchases that are over $10 with a credit card to reduce the amount of cash you need to carry when off-ship and for a good record of your purchase, and use pocket change or local currency for the rest.

How much will I spend on drinks on a cruise?

Prices for cocktails on cruise ships usually run about $10-14 per drink, before gratuity. So expect to spend about $12 to $16.50 per beverage when gratuity is added.