Is it hard to get around St. Lucia?

Rental rates average between US$50 and $100 a day. St Lucia is very mountainous with sharp turns, blind corners and narrow roads so drive carefully, especially at night. There are also a handful of roundabouts which can be confusing. For adventurous explorations, a 4WD vehicle is highly recommended.

How do tourists get around St. Lucia?

Privately run minibuses serve as the main ground transportation for much of the island, with routes forming a loop between the main towns. Buses run at varied times depending on the route, but most do not operate on Sundays. Fares range from about $1 to $3. Minibuses have a green number plate with an M prefix.

Is St. Lucia easy to get around?

Since driving St. Lucia's unmarked, bad roads is rather difficult, a taxi is recommended for all but the most adventurous. Taxis are ubiquitous and most drivers are eager to please.

Do they have Uber in St. Lucia?

Lucia which provides the most affordable transportation and the friendliest and most knowledgeable drivers. Uber St. Lucia accommodates services such as airport transfers, islandwide tours, cruise port tours, piton hikes, hotel transfers, and all displayed on its website and more. Come and explore St.

Are taxis easy to get in St. Lucia?

Lucia taxi services are available and easy to find in busy places such as historical landmarks, ports and hotels. St. Lucia taxis are easily recognisable with their light blue number plate with a TX prefix.

10 IMPORTANT TIPS to know before traveling to ST. LUCIA!

Is it worth renting a car in Saint Lucia?

St. Lucia is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world—you and your partner are sure to have a wonderful time! Excursions are a great way to see a lot of what the island has to offer, but if you really want the freedom to explore at your own pace, then you should rent a car in St. Lucia.

Do we need a car in St. Lucia?

Hiring a car gives the most flexibility

Driving is probably the ideal way to explore the island at your leisure. But, as a visitor, you will need a temporary permit to operate a vehicle in St Lucia. That can be obtained at the airport's immigration station, a rental car company or a police station.

How many days is enough in St. Lucia?

Spending 5 days in St Lucia is a dream. With its lovely Caribbean beaches, incredible waterfalls, and even a drive-in volcano, a visit to this stunning island will leave you with so many great memories. So whether you have 5 or 7 days to spare, this is the ultimate St Lucia itinerary to help you plan your trip!

Why are taxis so expensive in St. Lucia?

Many of the visitors to Saint Lucia who take taxi tours are thrilled to bits – ask your driver to take you to some of his or her favourite spots… Prices are not cheap because the cost of vehicles, fuel and maintenance are high is Saint Lucia.

How do you pay for things in St. Lucia?

The Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar is used on St Lucia and can be obtained at any bank. Most places accept US dollars, but change will be given in EC dollars. Most hotels, restaurants and larger stores accept credit cards, but local stores seldom do. Bank ATM machines will give EC dollars.

Can you walk around St. Lucia?

Be vigilant at all times. Take care when walking alone off the busy main roads and avoid isolated areas, including beaches, particularly after dark. Only use licensed taxis and take particular care at late night street parties.

Are mosquitos bad in St. Lucia?

Bugs (like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas) can spread a number of diseases in Saint Lucia. Many of these diseases cannot be prevented with a vaccine or medicine. You can reduce your risk by taking steps to prevent bug bites.

Is St. Lucia very touristy?

St Lucia is considered to be the more touristy of the two islands. It also delivers more rugged geography, with charming villages and a lush inland landscape, perfect for the adventurers.

Can I use US dollars in St. Lucia?

Eastern Caribbean, or EC Dollars as it is commonly called, is the local currency and is accepted everywhere on the island of Saint Lucia. US Dollars can also be used but exchange rates may vary from place to place.

What are the disadvantages of tourism in St. Lucia?

Poorly managed tourism leads to deforestation and erosion; degradation and depletion of biological diversity; disruption of natural habitats; and over-consumption of resources like freshwater and energy. St. Lucia's hotel sector alone consumes 17 per cent of the island's energy resources.

Can you island hop in St. Lucia?

Caribbean island hopping by boat would be the best way to see the islands. There is only one ferry that links 4 islands. Yes, St Lucia is linked with 3 islands: Martinique, Dominica, and Guadeloupe. The other thing to see or do here is Pitons – the volcanic peaks in the south of the island.

Is Aruba or St. Lucia more expensive?

Overall, if you're looking to save some money on your vacation, St. Lucia offers a range of options for cheaper accommodations and dining. Aruba has tons of accommodation options, but they tend to come at a cost! St Lucia on a budget is the way to go.

How much spending money will I need for a week in St. Lucia?

While a Caribbean island with this type of landscape doesn't take much convincing to visit, you still need to consider what the St. Lucia cost of travel is. The average traveler can expect to pay $150-$400 per day when visiting St.

Is St. Lucia budget friendly?

For budget travelers, the cost of a week-long trip to Saint Lucia without an all-inclusive package is around $1,800 for a single person or $2,750 for a couple if you don't do any extra activities, have a lower food budget, and stay at a budget hotel.

What is the best months to go to St Lucia?

December-February are the best times to travel to Saint Lucia if you're looking for the best weather. March, April, October and November are great if you want to avoid crowds, but get a little more rain.

What is the cheapest month to go to St Lucia?

The best time to book flights to Saint Lucia is during the off-season months of April, May, June, and November. During these months, flight prices are typically lower due to fewer tourists visiting the country.

Is it worth getting all inclusive in St Lucia?

So, to answer a question like this is really depends on your type of travel style. If you care about eating and drinking a lot, than AI's can be a good value. People that don't drink alcohol or only very little may find AI's not worth the money. Many people say that the food at AI's are not that good.

Can you drink the water in St. Lucia?

Tap water in Saint Lucia is chlorinated and considered safe to drink. However, it's best practice for travelers to drink bottled water anyways to avoid the possibility of ingesting bacteria or other microorganisms.

What language do they speak in St. Lucia?

Description. The official language is English. Saint Lucian French Creole (Kwéyòl), which is colloquially referred to as Patois ("Patwa"), is spoken by 95% of the population. This Antillean Creole is used in literature and music, and is gaining official acknowledgment.

Why do people honk in St. Lucia?

Some other things to know about driving in St Lucia

Just stay to your side of the road – the left! – even when you are going around a curve. Sometimes locals will honk, but this is almost always a courtesy sign. It means “I'm about to pass you, so please stay well to the left to give me room!”