What are the procedure of room service?

At the Guest Room
  • Knock the door/Ring the bell and announce: “Room Service”. ...
  • Greet the guest by his/her name (noted on the order form).
  • Ask for permission to enter the room.
  • Offer to set up on the table or on the balcony. ...
  • Place the tray on the tray jack and set up the table.

What are the steps in taking room service order?

  1. The room service order taker answers the calls to room service.
  2. The telephone must be answered quickly.
  3. Greet the guest and introduce the department.
  4. Write the order on an order docket as you speak to the guest.
  5. Record the room number.
  6. Repeat the order to the guest.
  7. Tell the guest approximate time of delivery.

What are the 4 criteria of room service operation?

(4) Qualities of a Proper Room Service:
  • Prompt response, proper greeting, and polite behavior while ordering through telephone.
  • Appropriate suggestions from order takers.
  • Correct order taking.
  • Delivery of order in proper room in appropriate time.
  • Proper temperature of foods & beverage items.

How do you deliver and serve room service?

Room Service's Order Flow
  1. Knock the door lightly.
  2. Announce yourself (room service~)
  3. Greet guest warmly.
  4. Use guest's name.
  5. Ask if you may enter in the room.
  6. Ask where to set up order.
  7. Offer to pour beverage (bottle beverage)
  8. Service of the dinner according to the guest needs.

What are the procedures in presenting and serving the food and beverage in-room service?

Serve Food:

Remove the hot food from the hot box or service tray and place it on the table. Place entrée plate so that the main items are closest to the guest. Place side dishes to the left of the entrée plate. Remove the foil or plate covers from the hot foods.

Room Service Sequence

What are the duties and responsibilities of room service?

As a room service server, your primary responsibilities are to deliver food, drinks, and any necessary utensils and condiments to guests who order meals from their hotel rooms. With guest permission, you push the cart or carry the tray into the guest room, set the table, and identify the order.

What are the proper procedures in presenting the menu?

Before presenting the menu, you must understand all the items on it and be able to describe how they are cooked and served. PROCEDURES EXPRESSIONS • Carry the menu of the flat of the left arm. Open the menu from the top with the right hand. Present the menu to the guest's right.

How do you service a guest room?

The 10 Step Cleaning Process
  1. Ventilate the Room. You should properly ventilate a hotel room before guests stay. ...
  2. Change and Restock Bed Linen and Towels. ...
  3. Remove Rubbish. ...
  4. Dusting. ...
  5. Wipe and Disinfect High Touch Surfaces. ...
  6. Clean the Bathroom Thoroughly. ...
  7. Clean Mirrors and Windows. ...
  8. Vacuuming Floors and Furniture.

What makes good room service?

What does the best hotel room service look like?
  • Easy to order.
  • A menu that caters to common dietary requirements.
  • Available at convenient times throughout the day and night.
  • Delivered promptly.
  • Served at the correct temperature.
  • Delivered with everything the guest needs to eat and enjoy the meal comfortably in the room.

What is the position of room service?

Position Summary:

As a Room Service Waiter you are responsible for preparing orders, set trays and delivering items to guest rooms in an attentive and efficient manner, and ensuring to provide excellent quality service as per the Hotel Standard operating procedure.

What is a room service person called?

Room attendants are responsible for cleaning and servicing guest rooms in order to provide a pleasant and comfortable experience for guests. They ensure that all rooms are inviting and clean and they address all guest queries politely and knowledgeably.

What is room service management?

As a Room Service Manager you are responsible to achieve the optimum level of guest satisfaction and departmental profitability in an atmosphere of teamwork and high team morale, whereby your role will include key responsibilities such as: •

What are the 7 steps of service?

7 Steps of Customer Service
  • Greet Customer.
  • Take Order.
  • Suggestive Sell.
  • Repeat Order.
  • Give Total, Offer Customer Card.
  • Take Money.
  • Take Name & Thank.

What is an example of room service?

Room service is a service in a hotel by which meals or drinks are provided for guests in their rooms. Guests can place an order for room service on the phone by dialing 118. Dine in the hotel restaurant or order food from room service. If you'd rather dine in your room, ask for our room service menu.

What is the most popular room service order?

Burgers in bed

Burgers are the most popular room service order not just in the U.S. (49% of U.S. responses) but also globally, beating out pizza, club sandwiches, tacos and fries.

How do you handle guest complaints?

The Basics Of Handling Complaints
  1. 1 – Listen. It's possible that the guest(s) who are complaining may be angry or upset. ...
  2. 2 – Empathize And Apologize. People want to be heard and validated. ...
  3. 3 – Find The Root Of The Problem. ...
  4. 4 – Offer A Solution. ...
  5. 5 – The Follow-Up. ...
  6. Take Notes. ...
  7. Isolate The Situation.

What is the procedure to clean a guest room?

How to clean a hotel bedroom in nine steps
  1. Change the bed linen and make the bed. ...
  2. Take out the trash. ...
  3. Dust hard surfaces. ...
  4. Vacuum floors. ...
  5. Wipe and disinfect. ...
  6. Clean the bathroom. ...
  7. Restock on guest amenities for your guests. ...
  8. Wash the dirty towels.

What is the difference between room service and housekeeping?

The main difference between housekeeping and room service is that housekeeping involves the provision of a clean, comfortable and safe environment for guests, while room service involves allowing guests to order food and drink to their rooms.

What is proper serving etiquette?

Serving begins to the right of the host and goes around the table to the right. Food will be served to the left of the guest, using the left hand, and is removed one plate at a time, with the left hand. When passing platters of food, two large serving forks will likely be included (or a large serving spoon and fork).

What are the 5 basic steps of menu planning?

Follow these five steps to meal planning and set yourself up for success during busy weeks or when your desire to cook is waning.
  • Organize your calendar. The whole point of meal planning is to have meals ready for those days when you just can't. ...
  • Make a meal wish list. ...
  • Check inventory, shop. ...
  • Cook once, eat twice. ...
  • Do the prep.

What are the duties of a room service steward?

The steward will attend to customer needs, assist wait staff, ensure all stations are well stocked, and assist in keeping all areas clean and sanitary. You will clean and put away dishes, clean floors and food preparation areas, refill supplies, wipe tables, and take out the trash.