What Disney hotel is closing?

The incredibly immersive – and incredibly expensive – Star Wars Hotel in Disney World is CLOSING. Why is Disney World bringing an end to one of their most ambitious and unique projects to date?

Why did the Galactic Starcruiser close?

Being such a risky $1 billion investment that never really caught on with fans due to its extremely expensive prices, claustrophobic rooms, uninspired interior design and generic live-action entertainment offerings, the decision to mothball the Galactic Starcruiser seems to be the prudent thing to do in light of ...

Why is Disney getting rid of the Star Wars hotel?

Speaking on May 22 in Boston at a J.P. Morgan investor conference, Disney parks chairman Josh D'Amaro stated the obvious: “It didn't perform exactly like we wanted it to perform,” he said. “Despite the fact it was a never-before-seen experience and raised the bar, we thought it was time to sunset this in September.”

Is Disney closing its $5000 Star Wars hotel?

Disney is closing its Star Wars-themed hotel after just a year. It cost around $5,000 for a two-night stay. Disney is closing the expensive Star Wars-themed hotel at its Disney World resort in Florida. The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel will close its doors in September.

Is Disney Starcruiser closing?

Disney World announced last week that it is shutting down Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, the interactive two-night hotel experience, less than two years after it opened in March 2022.

Why Disney Closed the Star Wars Hotel

Is Galaxy's Edge closing in 2023?

According to an insider, Disney kept most of the props of this part of the park in case something like this happened. Fortunately, it did. We expect Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to close permanently by the end of 2023.

Is Disney going to leave Florida?

In an email from Josh D'Amaro, who oversees Disney's parks, he notes that the company still has $17 billion in investments planned for Disney World over the next decade, which would bring roughly 13,000 jobs. Previous rumors of Disney completely pulling out of Florida have been unfounded.

Is the Galactic Starcruiser closing permanently?

Disney World has announced that the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruier will be closing permanently October 1, 2023. Here's the announcement: The final voyage for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will take place Sept. 28-30, 2023.

Is the Star Wars hotel overpriced?

Although the experience was lauded by Star Wars fans and the industry, even winning a Thea Award for outstanding achievement in a themed entertainment space, the high price point was deemed by some to be prohibitively expensive.

Did Disney Star Wars hotel flop?

Disney Chairman, Josh D'Amaro, made it clear this decision about the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser was about cost, “It didn't perform exactly how we wanted it to perform, so we decide to sunset it this September.” He went on to state that Disney expects about “$100-$150 million in accelerated depreciation” in the Q3 ...

Can you leave the Galactic Starcruiser hotel?

Passengers are able to leave the Galactic Starcruiser at any point throughout their stay.

What will Disney do with the Starcruiser hotel?

Fast forward to May 2023, and in just over 1 year Disney announced that it was closing the polarizing Star Wars Hotel. In fact, the Galactic Starcruiser is taking its last voyage on September 28-30, and then closing its doors forever.

How much will it cost to stay at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser?

Just to get the big number you are waiting for out of the way, a 2-night, 2-day stay on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser starts at $4,809 for a 2-guest room. Yes, you heard me right. Almost $5,000 for a 2-night stay in the Star Wars Hotel. I told you it wasn't cheap!

Why is the Starcruiser hotel so expensive?

Galactic Starcruiser is unaffordable for the average fan. Galactic Starcruiser cost a lot to create and to maintain. Cast members and Imagineers poured heartfelt creativity into one of Disney's most immersive experiences. For most people who get to stay onboard Starcruiser, their experience is unique and unforgettable.

Why is Disney losing money?

Disney's traditional channels had $1.9 billion in quarterly operating income, down 23 percent from a year earlier. Disney cited lower ad sales at ABC, partly because of viewership declines, and lower payments from ESPN subscribers, along with higher sports programming costs.

Why does the Star Wars hotel cost so much?

A Disney spokeswoman attributed the Galactic Starcruiser's cost to the way it thoroughly immerses guests in a fantasy world. Beyond the hotel room, the price includes expedited theme-park admission, entertainment, food and experiences like lightsaber training.

How much is 2 nights at the Star Wars Hotel?

Billed as an immersive experience where guests can interact with characters from the “Star Wars” franchise, the 100-room hotel requires guests to book a minimum of two nights, priced at about $5,000 per couple and closer to $6,000 for a family of four. The cost of a “tricked out” suite jumps to $20,000.

How long can you stay in the Star Wars hotel?

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is a highly-hyped new hotel offering 2-night experiences at Walt Disney World. The themed resort behind Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios is now open, and this guide covers everything you need to know–including pricing, 2023 reservation info, what's included, and more!

What Disney resort is closest to Star Wars?

The Walt Disney World Dolphin has beautiful grounds, is the closest resort to Disney's Hollywood Studios (great for visiting Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge), and very reasonable room rates.

Is Disney struggling financially?

It's been a rough few years for Disney (DIS 0.05%). Despite the stock market boom during the first half of the year, shares are trading near their 52-week lows, and the stock is below where it was before the pandemic even as the broad market has gained substantially since then.

Why is Disney closing 2023?

This Walt Disney World ride refurbishment calendar lists the closure schedule for 2023 at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom. Attractions close for routine maintenance, safety upgrades, improvements, and reimaginings. (Updated August 20, 2023.)

Is Disney moving to Texas?

nope. Honestly, this is a rumor that has spread multiple times in the Disney space, so we wanted to debunk the rumor. Disney is not planning to make a move to Texas or to build a theme park in Texas anytime soon.

Is Space Mountain closing in 2023?

Space Mountain will be closed for refurbishment, beginning September 18, 2023, and will reopen in mid-Fall, 2023. Please check back for updates.

Are they shutting down Star Wars land?


The entertainment giant announced on Thursday that it will be permanently closing the resort and attraction this fall. In a statement, Disney said that "the final voyage" for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will take place Sept. 28-30, 2023.