What do cruise staff do when not working?

The bar is open until the early morning and is a good way to spend time with friends or even partners which are common within the ship's crew. Also in crew areas are fitness rooms where they can work out and release all their work stress. You'll usually see the same people there every single day!

What do cruise ship employees do when not working?

Usually staff have their own dining room, away from the passengers and on days off, employees can hang out by the pool, sunbathe, or use the spa. Some ships provide extra amenities for employees, such as televisions for each room, a special crew bar and lounge and special recreation lounges near the crew quarters.

Do cruise ship staff get days off?

There are no holiday entitlements, but crew members can choose when they take the six- to eight-week break that automatically comes with longer contracts.

What do cruise ship employees do for fun?

In addition, crew members also have access to 'crew only' areas, such as private dining halls and lounges. There are also fun activities organized such as excursions, movie nights, live shows and bingo games! I don't think a better way exists to travel and see so much of the world, than by working on a cruise ship.

Do cruise workers get sick days?

No sick days. if you get sick, you'll have to work through it or get sent home if it lasts more than a couple of days. What is covered by the health insurance at American Cruise Lines?

3 SECRETS Cruise Ship Employees Don’t Want You To Know!

Do cruise ship workers work 7 days a week?

Staff members often expect to work around 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Some employees may work early in the morning, like those who prepare food, while others work late into the night, like bartenders and entertainers. Your work schedule might depend on the specific cruise line and your position.

Do cruise ship employees get free food?

Passengers would always ask me if the crew got free food or if we had to pay for it. In short, yes, cruise ship crew don't have to pay for their food while on board. The ship covers 100% of the cost of the food and will do its best to have a variety of different foods based on the nationalities of the crew members.

What is the hardest job on a cruise ship?

Among many difficult jobs on cruise ships, handpicking the toughest one is tricky. Still, one job will stand out in terms of horrific working conditions and cruel working hours-the galley steward.

Do cruise staff make good money?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $102,500 and as low as $14,500, the majority of Cruise Ship Worker salaries currently range between $30,000 (25th percentile) to $58,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $90,000 annually across the United States.

Where do you live if you work on a cruise ship?

On ships, you live where you work. Unlike life on land, there is no rent to be paid or monthly utility bills that need to be taken care of. All basic living expenses are covered at sea for crew members: accommodation, water, electricity, and food.

Can cruise workers sleep with guests?

Crew members who are caught having sex with guests, or even fraternising with them in other ways such as kissing, will almost always be fired. For that reason, most crew follow the rules. Cruise lines draw a very hard line against this kind of fraternising, and with good reason.

Do cruise ship employees get their own room?

Staffers typically live with a roommate in tiny cabins that have bunk beds and small closets.

Do cruise ship workers pay for anything?

Additionally, some of the salaries aren't that high. Members can expect to work 10-12-hour days, and up to seven days a week. However, your room and board are completely covered. Plus, sailing costs and (once the contract is completed) round-trip airfare are covered by the cruise line.

Do cruise employees pay rent?

On ships, you live where you work. Unlike life on land, there is no rent to be paid or monthly utility bills that need to be taken care of. All basic living expenses are covered at sea for crew members: accommodation, water, electricity, and food.

Are cruise staff exploited?

Many have complained about inadequate pay and long hours with little chance for change. Contracts can require workers to put in more than 70 hours a week and go without any days off for six to eight months. Due to the nature of cruise ships, workers are often exploited and unfairly compensated without much recourse.

Who gets paid the most on a cruise ship?

Generally, the highest-paying jobs on cruise ships are held by officers, department heads, and those working on commission. However, many other variables affect earning potential, such as cruise line, ship size, clientele, tips awarded, and prior job experience. Contracts are another factor.

Do cruise workers get their tips?

Do all cruise crew members receive tips? As mentioned above, not all members of the ship staff receive a share of the gratuities paid by passengers. Bartenders, main show entertainers and third-party shop employees are some of the more obvious ones, but they're not the only ones.

Do cruise ship workers pay for room and board?

Cruise ship workers may receive additional benefits, including room and board, medical care and meals. This may reduce living expenses while you're working on board a scheduled cruise.

How many hours do cruise ship workers work?

Most cruise ship workers work long hours—eight- to 14-hour days, seven days a week are not uncommon. Many employees spend a number of weeks, usually five or more, working at sea, followed by an extended leave ashore. Being a people person is important in this industry.

What is the easiest job on a cruise ship?

5 entry-level jobs on a cruise ship
  • Cabin steward.
  • Deckhand.
  • Bartender.
  • Activity coordinator.
  • Bellperson.

What is the lowest position on a cruise ship?

At the top of the hierarchy are officers: managers and those responsible for navigation. In the middle are staff members, which include workers in entertainment, retail, and guest services. At the bottom are crew members, who are generally responsible for serving guests.

What is the lowest job on a ship?

The lowest ranking personnel in the deck department. An ordinary seaman (OS) generally helps out with work that able seamen do. Other tasks include standing lookout, and generally cleaning duties.

Why do so many Filipino work on cruise ships?

Despite the difficulty of working on cruise ships, and overseas, many Filipinos still choose this way of life as it offers a highly competitive salary, aside from unique benefits. “The pros would be the salary, of course.

What is the average age of cruise ship employees?

The most common age range of American Cruise Lines employees is 20-30 years.

Which cruise line treats employees best?

Carnival Cruise Line

Employees are satisfied with Carnival's multiple benefits, which, depending on your position, could include healthcare, life insurance, and a 401k. As with other big cruise lines, Carnival employees often work long hours.