What to do if my baggage is delayed?

If your baggage did not arrive as expected at the baggage claim, you should proceed to your airline's baggage service office at the airport. Filing a claim is the first step in getting your bags back and ensuring that you can later claim for incidental expenses against the airline.

What happens if my checked bag is delayed?

What are airlines' responsibilities when your bag is delayed? Airlines are required to compensate passengers for reasonable, verifiable, and actual incidental expenses that they may incur while their bags are delayed - subject to the maximum liability limits.

How long is considered delayed luggage?

Delayed baggage means your checked luggage has not arrived at your destination on time. It is generally considered to be lost after 21 days for most international airlines and 5-14 days for U.S. carriers.

How do I retrieve a delayed luggage?

Lost Luggage? Six Tips On How To Get It Back With Minimum Hassle
  1. Five suggestions:
  2. Contact the Airline. ...
  3. Ask to Have Your Luggage Delivered. ...
  4. Check for a Refund. ...
  5. Keep Any Receipts. ...
  6. Check Your Insurance. ...
  7. Check Your Luggage When it Returns.

Why is my delayed luggage taking so long?

Why is my delayed luggage taking so long? Airport baggage procedures can be complex at large hubs, so waiting 30 to 45 minutes for bags can be normal. Luggage can come in waves from a single flight as well, so just because your suitcase didn't arrive initially doesn't necessarily mean it's lost.

Call 4 Action: How to get compensation for lost or delayed luggage

Do airlines compensate for delayed luggage?

Airlines must compensate passengers for lost bags

Per U.S. regulations, airlines must compensate passengers for lost, delayed or damaged luggage, up to a limit. If your bag is declared lost: The airline must compensate you for the bag's contents, subject to depreciation, up to a preset maximum.

Which airline has the most delayed luggage?

Which airlines are the worst for lost, delayed or damaged luggage? American, the largest airline in the world, ranked at the top for mishandling luggage, closely followed by economy carrier JetBlue. Here's the list.

Can I sue airline for delayed luggage?

Consider filing a lawsuit against the airline in small claims court. Small claims courts handle a wide variety of property-related lawsuits which include lawsuits for lost luggage by an airline. Small claims court is also an affordable and user-friendly way for you to sue an airline for lost or delayed luggage.

How long is too long to wait for luggage?

If your bag is not there within an hour of your arrival time, go directly to the baggage claim desk and file a report. Never leave the airport without filing the report, as you cannot do online, and doing it over the phone can prove frustrating (even if you reach someone).

How long should you wait for checked baggage?

In fact, most passengers are forced to wait anywhere from 15-50 minutes for their baggage to be returned to them. Time spent at baggage claim can increase even more depending on the size of the plane, how many bags need to be unloaded, and the bag handling methods in place at the specific airport.

How do I contact where my suitcase is?

Where's My Suitcase contact info: Phone number: (800) 221-6903 Website: www.wheresmysuitcase.com What does Where's My Suitcase do? Is Where's My Suitcase a public company?

How much money do you get if an airline loses your luggage?

Erika Says... You may be entitled to compensation. Citing the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), she says airlines are responsible for up to $3800 for lost or delayed luggage on domestic flights.

Why is luggage getting lost?

Why Do Airlines Lose Luggage? As with anything, accidents do happen. The leading cause of lost luggage is the mishandling of the bags between flights or from the sorting office to your airplane. Depending on the airport you fly out of, the actual sorting of luggage is done by a robot or workers.

How long does it take to get bags and leave airport?

Generally, for an international flight that departed on time I would estimate that it would take about 30 minutes to one hour from the scheduled arrival time for someone to get through all of these but there will always be outlier cases.

What happens if luggage doesn't make connecting flight?

If you miss a connecting flight, your checked luggage will typically continue on to your final destination without you. I once missed a connecting flight in Dallas. My originating flight from Nashville had been delayed due to weather.

Which airlines are worst for losing luggage?

These are the worst airlines for lost and mishandled luggage in the United States:
  1. American Airlines. American Airlines is the number one worst airline for losing or damaging your luggage, with 5.34 incidents per 1,000 bags. ...
  2. United Airlines. ...
  3. Alaska Airlines. ...
  4. JetBlue. ...
  5. Frontier Airlines. ...
  6. Delta Air Lines. ...
  7. Hawaiian Airlines.

What airport loses most luggage?

The top 10 worst airports in the United States for lost luggage are:
  • Chicago O'Hare International Airport.
  • Harry Reid International Airport – Las Vegas.
  • San Diego International Airport.
  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport – Austin, Texas.
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

How long do you have to be delayed before compensation?

So, the amount you'll get is fixed depending on the amount of time you were delayed and how far you were travelling. Crucially, it's about when you arrive, not when you leave. You'll start being eligible for compensation if your flight arrives three hours (or more) later than scheduled.

Do delays cost airlines money?

Delayed aircraft are estimated to have cost the airlines several billion dollars in additional expense. Delays also drive the need for extra gates and ground personnel and impose costs on airline customers (including shippers) in the form of lost productivity, wages and goodwill.

Can airlines give away lost luggage?

In e-mails, WestJet and Air Transat said they incorporate any information that passengers share about the location of tracked bags in their efforts to return misplaced luggage. Both carriers said they donate or dispose of bags that go unclaimed for 90 days. Are you a young Canadian with money on your mind?

Can luggage get lost on a direct flight?

Why does luggage mishandling happen? We'll keep it simple, connecting flights are the reason why baggage gets lost or arrives at the wrong destination. There is almost no chance that your luggage will be mishandled if you are taking a direct flight to your destination.

Is there a way to track checked luggage?

How can I track my luggage? Once you've checked in for your flight, the airline will provide tracking information for your luggage. In case your luggage gets lost or delayed, this tracking barcode will help the airline recover it. However, you can track your own luggage using Bluetooth and GPS tracking devices.

Where can I complain about lost luggage?

Most airlines have a dedicated baggage desk within the baggage claims area. You may receive a Property Irregularity Report (also known as PIR.) You will also need to put in a written claim to the airline within seven days. Having a PIR is no guarantee that the airline will accept your claim.

How do I complain about a suitcase?

You must report the fact that your luggage has been lost, delayed or damaged at the airport and keep a copy of the Property Irregularity Report which staff of the airline will complete. To make a claim you must then contact the airline in writing: Within seven days for lost or stolen items, or damaged baggage.