Where do cabin crew sleep on A380?

And something that most passengers don't know – the A380 actually has three decks! On the lowest deck there's a resting area for the cabin crew, with bunk beds and a private restroom.

Where do the crew sleep on an Airbus A380?

A380 pilots have their own dedicated rest area on the flight deck. However, airlines can change the layout when they order the A380 – for example, Emirates reclaimed this space for passenger bathrooms, with the flight deck crew rest area relocated below decks in front of the cabin crew compartment.

Do cabin crew sleep on long-haul flights?

Flight attendants on long-haul flights are provided with spaces to rest. Here's a photo of the crew rest area on a Boeing 787. Crew rest areas exist on all airplanes, but what these rest areas look like depends on the airline, aircraft and the length of the flight.

Where does crew sleep on long-haul flights?

During long flights, the crew sleeps in different ways. Some use mattresses, while others sleep on jump seats or cushions. Some have the option of resting cabins; the size of a crew's rest compartments varies depending on the aircraft type. They may be located above or below the passenger cabin.

Where do flight attendants sleep in the secret airplane compartment?

Unbeknownst to many travelers, the space — known as the crew rest area — is hidden in the back of the plane above the economy cabin.


Do some airplanes have secret bedrooms for flight crew?

Most Boeing 777 and 787 airliners have a secret stairway that leads to a tiny set of windowless bedrooms for the cabin crew — including hidden bedrooms for pilots — that few people know exist. See what the secret cabins look like. Jim Edwards contributed to an earlier version of this story.

Do flight attendants get to sleep on international flights?

For flight duty periods longer than 18 hours, 4.5 hours bunk rest is required. The crew take turns for rest breaks. The first group will rest after the first meal service. 'Usually cabin crew prefer to be in the second group,' says Inflight Services Manager Roy Lai.

Where do flight attendants sleep on Dreamliner?

A flight attendant showed what their hidden bedrooms look like on a Boeing 787. Most Boeing 787 Dreamliners have a set of secret stairs hidden behind a passcode-protected door. According to Insider, the staircase leads to a room, usually above the cockpit or first-class area, that is windowless and cramped.

What planes have crew rest rooms?

Aircraft with crew rest compartments
  • Airbus A330/-200/-300/-800/-900.
  • Airbus A340/-200/-300/-500/-600.
  • Airbus A350/-900/-1000.
  • Airbus A380/-800.
  • Antonov An-124.
  • Boeing 747-400/-400ER.
  • Boeing 747-8.
  • Boeing 767/-200ER/-300ER/-400ER.

Do plane captains sleep?

Controlled rest allows one pilot at a time to get up to 45 minutes of sleep during periods of low workload (in the cruise). This is to promote a higher level of alertness levels during periods of high workload, for example the descent, approach and landing.

How do you survive a 15 hour flight?

How to survive a long-haul flight: 10 proven tips
  1. Find comfortable clothes to wear on long flights. ...
  2. Reserve a good seat. ...
  3. Prepare yourself for sleep. ...
  4. Don't pack too much in your cabin luggage. ...
  5. Take your own snacks. ...
  6. Move around the plane. ...
  7. Stay hydrated. ...
  8. Relax!

Do pilots sleep with air hostess?

Flight Attendants and Pilots Do Share the Same Hotel, But Do Not Share a Room. The cabin crew team and pilots normally take a company-hired bus to reach their hotel and the team check-in separately. They sleep together in the same hotel, but they have their own separate rooms, and they usually don't share.

How do you survive a 16 hour flight?

13 Tips for Surviving a Long-Haul Flight
  1. Choose your seat. ...
  2. Power up. ...
  3. Get comfy. ...
  4. Bring some snacks. ...
  5. Always bring a scarf or shawl. ...
  6. Pack a pillow and blanket. ...
  7. See no evil, hear no evil. ...
  8. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Where is the best seat on the A380?

Rows 41, 52, 67, and 80 are all safe bets. However, proximity to the galleys and washrooms can be a bit disturbing on overnight flights due to the commotion. Perhaps the best seats in economy are A and K in rows 68 and 81. With no third seat in the row ahead, passengers have more legroom without sacrificing storage.

How many cabin crew needed for A380?

An A380 should have a minimum crew of 16. The actual number needed also depends on the aircraft type, configuration, the number and type of exit doors and company/authority policies.

How many cabin crew are normally carried on an Airbus A380?

Despite being certified to carry 853 passengers, it normally seats 550 in a 3-class configuration, depending on the airline's fit. It is crewed by a minimum of 2 pilots (although on longer flights there can be up to 4 pilots) and 21 flight attendants.

Do flight attendants have a secret room?

Well, most Boeing 777 and 787 airliners have a secret stairway that leads to a small set of windowless cabin-like bedrooms for the crew. Usually hidden behind an average-looking door, the secret staircase is located near the cockpit and requires a code to gain entry. Not all aircraft use the secret staircase, though.

Are there secret rooms on planes?

The room for pilots is located at the front of the plane, and the room for flight attendants is at the back of the aircraft. While I knew the rooms were hidden, I was shocked when the airline's cabin manager approached a wall in the galley of the plane.

What do flight attendants do during long flights?

Cabin crew complete security checks every 20 minutes. Every 30 minutes or so the cabin crew will offer a light drink service in economy. They will bring a tray of water and juice into the cabin for passengers to take. If applicable, half of the crew can take crew rest as set by the SCCM.

What is the secret room on the Dreamliner?

See inside the hidden airplane bunk rooms onboard Boeing's revolutionary 787 Dreamliner aircraft where pilots and flight attendants sleep. Pilots and flight attendants have their own compartments on wide-body aircraft where they get to rest on long-haul flights.

Do flight attendants get good sleep?

Cabin crew workers are considered shift workers. This means they do not work the conventional 9-5, but instead, have work hours that fall outside of that range. Crews normally struggle with both sleep quality and sleep quantity.

How long do flight attendants sleep on long flights?

Crew require a minimum of three hours rest when the flight duty period exceeds 14 hours (from when crew 'sign on' to 15 minutes after engines off). For flight duty periods longer than 18 hours, 4.5 hours bunk rest is required. The crew take turns for rest breaks.

Do flight attendants return home every night?

Flight Attendants enjoy the following benefits: Sleep in your own bed at night (most of our trips are return home every night)

Can you ask a flight attendant to wake you up?

Do flight attendants wake you up if you fall asleep? The majority of the time, though, many flight attendants aren't going to wake you up if you're napping during the flight. In that case, you can ask to be woken up for the meal.

What do flight attendants do in between flights?

Flight attendants love a layover to catch up on much-needed rest, go shopping, eat out, or go sightseeing. Someone on the trip almost always has been to the destination before, so there will be a discussion about the hotel, how near it is to the airport, and if the food is good.