Which department is responsible for guest room cleaning and reporting of any room faults?

The housekeeping department is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the guest rooms, public areas, office spaces and back-of-house areas in the hotel so that the property is as fresh and attractive as on its first day of business.

Who is responsible for guest room cleaning?

Room attendants are responsible for cleaning and servicing guest rooms in order to provide a pleasant and comfortable experience for guests. They ensure that all rooms are inviting and clean and they address all guest queries politely and knowledgeably.

What department is responsible for cleaning guest rooms and public spaces?

The housekeeping department is responsible to keep the following areas clean and tidy. Apart from the cleaning task, the housekeeping is also responsible for handling keys of each floor. In addition, it manages the laundry, which is often at some places considered as a sub-department of housekeeping.

Who informs the housekeeping department that a room needs cleaning?

Checkout clerk (or cashier) contacts the Housekeeping Department that a room became vacant and needs cleaning. Housekeeping Department updates the room status from occupied to on-change and sends a room maid to clean the room.

Who is the person responsible for the operation of a hotel's in house laundry?

Laundry Manager: Responsible for efficient and effective in-house laundry operations and reports directly to the executive housekeeper. Laundry Supervisor: Principal assistant to the laundry manager, supervises attendants.

Hospitality Roles and Responsibilities of a Housekeeping Room Attendant

Who is in charge of cleaning the hotel room?

The housekeeping staff needs to execute cleaning and maintenance tasks at various places inside the hotel. The most important task is cleaning and maintaining guest rooms and guest bathrooms.

Who is responsible for washing and drying of guest laundry?

Laundry Attendant responsibilities include:

Sorting, washing, drying, pressing and folding clothing and other textile items.

Which are the department that housekeeping has to coordinate in a hotel and why?

Within the rooms division, housekeeping primarily coordinates with the front- office and maintenance. Amongst all co-ordination relationships in hotels, the most important one is that between the front-office, housekeeping and maintenance.

Which is the responsibility of the housekeeping department?

Housekeeping Job Responsibilities:

Cleans and sanitizes hotel and guest rooms. Vacuums and sweeps floors, carpets, and rugs. Makes beds and changes linens. Cleans and sanitizes bathrooms, showers, toilets, sinks, and countertops.

Who is responsible for housekeeping in the workplace?

All workers should participate in housekeeping, especially in terms of keeping their own work areas tidy, reporting safety hazards and cleaning up spills, if possible. Before the end of a shift, workers should inspect and clean their workspaces and remove unused materials.

Which department is responsible for the safety of the hotel and its guests?

Security Department:

The security department of a hotel is responsible for the overall security of the hotel building, in-house guests, visitors, day users, and employees of the hotel, and also their belongings.

Who is responsible for guest room inspection?

A supervisor has to check all the rooms on his/her floor, including all vacant room, departure room, expected arrival, VIP arrival, group arrival, blocked rooms and under repair rooms both out of service and out of order.

What are the responsibilities of housekeeping department in the guest room?

  • Stock and sort supplies.
  • Vacuum, clean, dust and polish guest rooms.
  • Make beds, change sheets, remove and replace used towels and toiletries.
  • Deliver and retrieve items on loan to guests e.g. iron and ironing boards.
  • Ensure security of guest rooms and privacy of guests.

What is the main responsibility of the executive housekeeper?

The Executive Housekeeper directs and controls all housekeeping operations and the staff of the housekeeping department. He/she has to coordinate between housekeeping crews in order to inspect assigned areas and to ensure standards.

What are the duties and responsibilities of front office department?

  • Keep front desk tidy and presentable with all necessary material (pens, forms, paper etc.)
  • Greet and welcome guests.
  • Answer questions and address complaints.
  • Answer all incoming calls and redirect them or keep messages.
  • Receive letters, packages etc.

What is front office department?

The front office represents the customer-facing division of a firm. For example, customer service, sales, and industry experts who provide advisory services are considered part of a firm's front office operations. The functions of the front office generally generate the majority of revenue for a firm.

Which department manages the room service?

Room service or in-room dining is a hotel service enabling guests to choose items of food and drink for delivery to their hotel room for consumption. Room service is organized as a subdivision within the food and beverage department of high-end hotel and resort properties.

What is housekeeping department called?

In hospitals and clinics, housekeeping is a support service under a specific department, which is responsible for cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of patient care areas, public areas and staff areas. The department may also be known as "Sanitation".

What is the relationship between the housekeeping department and the maintenance department?

The housekeeping department depends on maintenance to keep things in order. While carrying out their scheduled work, housekeeping employees may find some deficiencies in the hotel facilities, such as faulty electrical plugs, dripping faucets, leaking pipes or malfunctioning air-conditioning units etc.

Who is responsible for the cleaning care and maintenance of ladies comfort rooms and locker rooms?

Powder Girl Basic Function – Responsible for the cleaning, care, maintenance of ladies comfort rooms and locker rooms.

Who is the person responsible in maintaining the cleanliness of areas such as lobby and restaurants?

Public Area Attendant Duties

A public area attendant's daily tasks include: Cleaning public spaces like lobbies, restaurants, and meeting rooms. Cleaning back-of-house areas like office and employee changing rooms.

What are the 3 types of housekeeping?

There are three types of housekeeping: domestic, institutional, and industrial.

What is the procedure to clean a guest room?

How to clean a hotel bedroom in nine steps
  1. Change the bed linen and make the bed. ...
  2. Take out the trash. ...
  3. Dust hard surfaces. ...
  4. Vacuum floors. ...
  5. Wipe and disinfect. ...
  6. Clean the bathroom. ...
  7. Restock on guest amenities for your guests. ...
  8. Wash the dirty towels.

Do housekeeping supervisors clean rooms?

Housekeeping supervisors provide general assistance to the housekeeping department. They work alongside the staff to complete cleaning and maintenance duties. If a team member is missing, a housekeeping supervisor is likely to step in to ensure the effective and efficient completion of all tasks.

Who is responsible for cleaning and handling the bedsheet tablecloth and guest laundry?

Housekeeping is the correct answer because it is the department in hotels that is responsible for cleanliness. Housekeeping staff are responsible for cleaning and maintaining guest rooms, public areas, and other hotel facilities. They ensure that the rooms are clean, tidy, and well-stocked with amenities.