Who is the lowest position on a ship?

Ordinary seaman The lowest ranking personnel in the deck department. An ordinary seaman (OS) generally helps out with work that able seamen do. Other tasks include standing lookout, and generally cleaning duties.

What are the ranks of ship crew?

They include a Master, First Mate, Second Mate, Bosun, Chief Engineer, Second Engineer, Medical Purser, Cook and Watch Leader. Our Permanent Crew are supported by Bosun's Mates and a Cooks Assistant who are volunteers. Accept Non Necessary cookies to view the content.

Who is below captain on a ship?

The first mate, or chief officer, is second in command below the captain. The first mate is often charged with commanding the vessel when the captain is sleeping, ill, or otherwise absent.

What rank commands a ship?

Captain (CAPT, O6): Serves as Commanding Officers of Major Commands such as Aircraft Carriers, Amphibious Assault Ships, Cruisers, Destroyer Squadrons, Carrier Air Wings, Ballistic Missile Submarines, Submarine Squadrons, SEAL Groups and major shore installations.

What is the lowest rank on a Navy ship?

Seaman Recruit (E-1)

Seaman recruit (SR) is the lowest enlisted rank in the Navy, just below seaman apprentice.

VLOG#6 what are the ranks on ship and what are they doing?

Who is 2nd in command on a ship?

The chief mate is the head of the deck department and second-in-command. The Chief mate's primary responsibilities are the vessel's cargo operations, its stability, supervising the deck crew and directing bridge operations.

Who is the right hand man on a ship?

Mates are the captain's "right hand." They manage and train the deck crew, inspect and maintain inventory of equipment and order needed repairs. They stand watch, oversee ship operations and navigation when the captain is not on duty.

What are the positions on a ship?

There are in general two different types of positions - Deck Officers (Captain; Staff Captain; 1st, 2nd, 3rd Officers; Safety Officer; Security Officer; Deck Cadet) and Deck Ratings - Boatswain/Bosun, Carpenter, Able Seaman Unlimited, Ordinary Seaman Entry Level and Deckhand.

What are the four positions of a ship?

Do you know the four directions on a boat? That's right!

What rank steers the ship?

The helmsman steers to instruction of the pilot, under the captain's control.

Who is the highest command on a ship?

The ship's captain, or master, is in overall command with ultimate responsibility for the safety of the crew, vessel, cargo and environment. Only navigation officers can be promoted to the rank of master.

What rank is bosun?

The bosun is the highest-ranking member of crew on a nautical or aeronautical vessel together with the captain. It is the bosuns task to guarantee the operation of ship and crew so that the captain may guide it. Usually the entire crew, sometimes including the captain, is subordinate to the bosun.

What's the front of a ship called?

Bow : Front of a boat. Stern : Rear of a boat. Starboard : Right side of a boat. Port : Left side of a boat.

What is the tip of a ship called?

The front of a boat is called the bow, while the rear of a boat is called the stern. When looking towards the bow, the left-hand side of the boat is the port side. And starboard is the corresponding word for the right side of a boat.

What is the lowest rank on a pirate ship?

The powder monkeys would run from below deck taking gunpowder to the cannon crews during times of battle. Mopping the decks was a daily chore and could be particularly dangerous during treacherous weather. Swabs were the lowest rank on a pirate ship and a job that most wished to avoid.

What is the chain of command on a ship?

The U.S. Navy Chain of Command or C.o.C is an organizational hierarchy that shows how members of the unit or company report to one another. The naval chain of command is similar in structure to those in an office where an employee might report to a supervisor who then reports to a manager.

Who is the first man on ship?

A chief mate (C/M) or chief officer, usually also synonymous with the first mate or first officer, is a licensed mariner and head of the deck department of a merchant ship. The chief mate is customarily a watchstander and is in charge of the ship's cargo and deck crew.

Who is called master on a ship?

In other words “Captain” may be used to describe any person in charge of a vehicle or having responsibility for a group of people. In the Merchant Navy the person in charge and having ultimate responsibility for the command of the vessel is the SHIPMASTER and his rank is that of a MASTER.

Who is the first officer on ship?

The Chief Mate, Chief Officer, or First Mate/Officer is the department head for the Deck Department. They supervise the members of the deck department including Second and Third Mates, able-seafarers, and ordinary seaman or deckhands. On most vessels, the Chief Mate is second in command after the Captain.

What rank is Gunner's mate?

Criteria: Worn by Gunner's Mates (GM) with ranks from Petty Officer 3rd Class (E-4) to Petty Officer 1st Class (E-6). Gunner's Mates are responsible for all gunnery equipment, guided-missile launching systems, rocket launchers, large guns and turrets, along with all associated equipment used by the USN.

Who commands a destroyer?

Commander (CDR, O5)

A senior officer, a CDR may command a frigate, destroyer, fast-attack submarine, smaller amphibious ship, aviation squadron, SEAL team or shore installation.

Who is second in line to a captain on a ship?

Chief Officer: The Chief Officer, also called Chief Mate or First Mate, is the head of the deck department. He is second-in-command after the ship's master. The Chief Officer's primary responsibilities are the vessel's cargo operations, stability, and supervising the deck crew.

What is the lady on the front of a ship called?

Figureheads were often female but not exclusively so. A female may have been popular because the ship itself is always referred to as a 'she'. As women were often not allowed on board, the figurehead itself might also represent the sole female on the ship.

What is the middle of a ship called?

The centre part of the ship is referred to as amidships. When a ship is afloat, the waterline divides the sides into the ship's side above the waterline and the bottom below it. The continuous horizontal surfaces of a ship are called decks.